Android App Developer

Mobile phones are the need of today’s generation. Now Each and every person is having smart phones and internet connections. So it would be commendable if person is experts in android app development. It provides them great opportunity to build mobile friendly websites and applications.


Course Content

  • Introduction to Android Development
  • Android Activity and Intents   
  • Layouts and Control
  • List Views and SQLite
  •   Services
  • Content Providers
  • UI and Fragments
  • Location and Sensors
  • Multimedia Audio and video & camera
  • Introduction to Google Play
  • Connecting Devices wirelessly
  • Network Operations
  • Battery Optimization
  • Syncing with cloud/ServerUsing Volley for Network Data interaction
  • Building App for enterpris
  • Google Play to distribute and monetize
  • Best practices for User Interface
  • Best practices for security & privacy
  • Best Practices for Testing
  • Best Practices for User Input
  • Creating Wearable Apps
  • Custom UI for Wearable
  • Adding wearable features
  • Data Synching
  • Creating Watch Faces
  •  Location aware Android wear


Course duration

3.5 Month


Core Java