Course duration:- 45 Days (Daily 1.5hrs)

Weekdays :- 1.5hrs/6 days , Fastrack :- 2 hrs/day , Weekends :- 4 hrs (Sat & Sun)


JavaScript Master Course :-

JavaScript is a golden pieace that ts with all whether it is website, mobile UI, e-learning, econtent publishing, gaming, presentations, or serverside programmings so you need to learn it at very advanced level. Finding a good institute for JavaScript training is a tough job, to solve this problem ADMEC Multimedia Institute presents JavaScript Master Course, a very unique and advanced JavaScript course. We are one of the best advanced JavaScript training institutes in Delhi. This JavaScript course in our institute has been especially customized for web designers and UI developers who want to do an advanced and professional level training in web scripting using advanced JavaScript's procedural and object oriented (OOJS) approaches. This course will cover every technique right from script setup to advanced DOM and manipulation of HTML and CSS using JavaScript programming.


What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language used by JavaScript programmers to make web pages more interactive & spontaneous. JavaScript helps in creating rich user interfaces (UI) and websites which deliver tremendous user experiences. Today JavaScript is beining used by presentation artists, animators, e-learning content developers, game developer etc. JavaScript is widely supported for all the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.


Prerequisites to Join JavaScript Course :-

Candidate should have working knowledge of HTML before learning JavaScript, also they should be familiar with latest Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). No prior experience of JavaScript or jQuery is required. Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 would be an added advantage.


What You Study?:-

Part I - JavaScript Introduction

  • JavaScript's role in the web designing and application development industry
  • JavaScript- An universal standard for interactive web applications and websites
  • Popups in JavaScript
  • Variables, Functions, and Scopes
  • Data Types in JavaScript
  • The Math, Number, and Boolean Objects

Part II - JavaScript Core Language Reference

  • Advanced Functions
  • Control Structures & Exception Handling
  • Conditionals and Loops
  • Expressions and Statements
  • JavaScript Operators
  • Literals in JavaScript
  • The Array Literal
  • The Object Literal
  • The String Object
  • The Date Object
  • Cookies
  • Timing Methods
  • Object Oriented JavaScript (OOJS)

Part III - Document Object Reference

  • Document Object Model Essentials
  • Generic HTML Element Objects
  • Location & History Objects
  • The Document & Body Objects
  • Image Object
  • Form Object
  • Button Object
  • Event Object
  • Style Sheet & Style Objects
  • Ajax & XML
  • JSON


JavaScript Exercises and Projects :-

Part III - Advanced PHP

You will be given opportunity to work on all or few Real World Applications using procedural and object oriented JavaScript approaches as:

  • JavaScript Form Validation
  • Navigation Development
  • JavaScript Basic Games (Just for logic practices)
  • E-learning Applications
  • AJAX Based Applications - Image Galleries, Websites etc
  • Slide shows in JavaScript
  • Image Galleries in JavaScript
  • Fancy Pop-up Windows in JavaScript
  • Theme Changer with JavaScript's Cookies
  • Dynamic Forms using DOM Function in JavaScript
  • Accordion, Tabbed Panel, Go to Top etc features in pure JavaScript etc.

Minimum Requirements Needed for this JavaScript Training

  • Any latest browser
  • An editor such as Sublime, DreamWeaver, Notepad++ etc 


Training Mode :-

  • Regular
  • Fast-Track
  • Weekends (Sat/Sun)
  • Online


Career Options :-

  • JavaScript Programmer
  • Ajax Developer
  • OOJS Professional etc.
  • OOJS Professional etc.
  • JSON Expert