This course specifically designed for students who have basic Linux Administration knowledge and looking for advance administration skills in Linux. This course will teach you everything you need to know to be an Advanced systems administrator.

Course Syllabus
Linux Virtual Server Cluster

  • Introduction

  • Components of an LVS Cluster

  • Background of the LVS Cluster

  • Hardware/Network Requirements

  • Cluster Node Interconnection Prerequisites

  • Configuring an LVS Cluster

  • Piranha Configuration Tool

    Linux Virtualization

  •  Overview of Linux Virtualization

  •  What is Hypervisor?

  •  Types of Virtualization

  •  KVM + QEMU + Libvirt Architecture

  •  Virtaulization Requirements

  • Packages, Configuration tool & Service Daemon

  •  Practice Lab Session

    Squid Proxy Server

  • Overview of Squid Proxy Server

  • Types of Proxy Server

  •  Proxy Server Configurations & its packages

  •  How proxy Server works

  •  Practice Lab Session

    LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol)

  • Overview of LDAP

  • Conceptual understanding about LDAP

  •  Advantages of LDAP over NIS

  •  LDAP Database Structure

  •  Practice Lab Session

    Managing SELinux Security

  •  Introduction - SELinux

  •  SELinux Security Concepts

  •  Changing SELinux Modes

  • Practice Lab Sessions

  •  Changing SELinux Contexts

  •  SELinux Booleans

  •  Audit logs & troubleshooting SELinux


  •  Overview of firewalld in RHEL 7

  •  Features of firewalld & its advantages over iptables

  •  firewalld components

  •  how packet flows

  • Limiting network communications

  •  Practice Lab Sessions

    Samba Server

  •  Overview of Samba Server

  •  Features of Samba Server

  •  How Samba Server Works

  • Samba File sharing Server

  •  CIFS File System

  •  Practice Lab Sessions

    Automatiing Installation with kickstart

  •  Overivew of kickstart Server

  •  Features & configuration of kickstart server

  • Graphical mode to configure the kickstart config file

  •  Deploying a new virtual system with kickstart

  •  Practice Lab Sessions

    Network Teaming

  • Overview of Network Teaming

  •  Policies of Network Teaming

  •  Creating teaming virtual interface – (how to configure NIC Teaming as Active Backup

  •  Managing Network Teaming

    Configuring iSCSI Targets & Initiators

  •  About iSCSI

  • iSCSI fundamentals

  •  iSCSI Components terminology

  • Practice Lab Sessions