Course Duration: - 1.5 Months (1hrs)

Weekdays: - 1hrs/6days, Fastrack: - 2hrs/day, Weekends: - 4hrs (Sat & Sun)


jQuery is a framework of JavaScript that is used to develop high level user interfaces and web applications. By using jQuery, the programmers can simplify develop the AJAX or Non-AJAX based applications.

Our course comprises of all topics related to jQuery and their use in web page development. We strongly focus on analytical and practical skills of students so that they never face problem in life while working on jQuery.

Course Outline

jQuery fundamentals

  • Utility Functions
  • The document ready handler
  • Making DOM elements in jQuery
  • Extending jQuery

Selecting the elements upon which to act

  • Selecting the elements for manipulation
  • Controlling the Context in jQuery
  • Using Basic CSS Selectors
  • Selecting by Filters
  • Generating new HTML in jQuery
  • Managing the wrapped element set
  • Determining the size of a wrapped set
  • Obtaining elements from a wrapped set in jQuery
  • Getting wrapped sets using relationships

Bringing pages to life with jQuery

  • Working with element properties & attributes
  • Manipulating element properties in jQuery
  • Setting attributes values
  • Removing attributes in jQuery
  • Changing Element styling
  • Adding & removing class names
  • Setting Element content in jQuery
  • Replacing HTML or text content
  • Moving & copying elements
  • Cloning elements in jQuery
  • Replacing elements
  • Dealing with Form Values in jQuery

Events are where it happens in jQuery

  • Understanding the browser event models
  • The jQuery event model in jQuery
  • Putting events & more to work

Energizing pages with animations & effects

  • Showing & hiding elements
  • Animating the display state of elements in jQuery
  • Creating custom animations
  • Animations & Queuing in jQuery

Beyond the DOM with jQuery utility functions

  • Using the jQuery flags
  • Manipulating JavaScript objects & collections
  • Miscellaneous utility functions in jQuery

Expand your reach by extending jQuery

  • The jQuery plug-in authoring guidelines in jQuery
  • Writing custom utility functions in jQuery
  • Adding new wrapper methods in jQuery 

Talk to the server with Ajax

Introducing jQuery UI: themes & effects

  • Configuring and downloading the UI Library
  • jQuery themes & styling
  • jQuery UI Effects
  • Advanced positioning

jQuery UI mouse interactions: Follow that mouse

  • Dragging things around
  • Sorting stuff
  • Making things Selectable

jQuery UI widgets: Beyond HTML controls

  • Buttons & button sets
  • Sliders
  • Date pickers
  • Tabs