Course Content
Red Hat System Administration I RH-124

  • Access the command line

  • Manage files from the command line

  • Get help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Create, view and edit text files

  •  Manage local Linux users and groups

  •  Control access to files with Linux files system permissions

  •  Monitor and manage Linux processes

  • Control services and daemons

  •  Configure and secure openSSH service

  •  Analyze and store logs

  •  Manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux networking

  •  Archive and copy files between systems

  •  Install and update software packages

  • Access Linux files systems

  •  Use virtualized systems

Red Hat System Administration II RH-134

  • Automate installation with Kickstart

  • Use regular expressions with grep

  •  Create and edit text files with vim

  •  Schedule future Linux tasks

  • Manage priority of Linux processes

  •  Control access to files with access control lists

  •  Manage SELinux security

  •  Connect t networks-defined users and groups

  •  Add disks, partitions, file systems to a Linux system

  •  Manage logical volume management storage

  •  Access networked attached storage with network file systems

  •  Access networked storage with SMB

  •  Control and troubleshoot the Red Hat Enterprise Linux boot process

  •  Limit network communication with firewall


    Red Hat System Administration III RH-254

  • Control services and daemons

  •  Manage IPv6 networking

  •  Configure link aggregation and bridging

  •  Control network port security

  •  Manage DNS for servers

  •  Configure E-mail delivery

  •  Provide block-based storage

  •  Provide file-based storage

  •  Configure MariaDB databases

  •  Provide Apache HTTPD web services

  •  Write Bash scripts

  •  Bash conditionals and control structures

  •  Configure the shell environment

  •  Linux containers preview