Course duration:- 45 Days (Daily 1.5hrs)

Weekdays :- 1.5hrs/6 days , Fastrack :- 2 hrs/day , Weekends :- 4 hrs (Sat & Sun)


jQuery Master Course :-

The jQuery Master Course DIITEDUCOM Institute is a certificate course and meant for those who want to enhance their Web Application development and User Interface designing skills with jQuery. This course comprises of all the programmatic aspects of jQuery and will also cover interactive web pages development using jQuery and Ajax. With state-of-the-art lab and experienced faculty members, we are the leading jQuery training institute in Rohini, North Delhi. Our institute always focuses on the strong analytical and practical knowledge to its students, so that they don't face any problem in their career while they are using jQuery. Our institute has some industry professionals as faculty who also share their professional experience with the students and teach them how to cope up with various situations while working in the industry in jQuery. Here in this jQuery Master Course students get the in-depth knowledge of each and every aspect of jQuery.


What is jQuery? :-

The jQuery is a library file to develop AJAX or non-AJAX based applica-tion of the JavaScript. The jQuery is not a library only while it is a frame-work of JavaScript to develop high-level user interfaces and web apps. By using jQuery instead JavaScript, the programmers can simplify the development process of web applications by keeping code effortless and compact. This also helps in developing amazing jQuery solutions and projects.

Few of the jQuery solutions are:-

  • jQuery simplifies the process of traversal of HTML DOM tree
  • You can use jQuery to handle events even with greater approach than the JavaScript
  • jQuery perform animations and effects as fading, sliding, hiding etc
  • Last but not least you can add the Ajax support into your web appli cations using jQuery
  • jQuery provides options by which you can extend your jQuery library 


Prerequisites to Join this jQuery Master Course :-

  • Knowledge of advanced JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is expected to learn jQuery.
  • Experience of web page designing using JavaScript is also desired.
  • Familiarity with XML and basic server-side programming will be considered as an added advantage but not compulsory for jQuery training. 


Semesters and Modules :-

Module I – jQuery

This module will demonstrate how students can use jQuery to select and manipulate DOM elements, process events, and build a captivating user interface for web clients. It will also help in understanding basic and advanced methods of jQuery Library and apply various jQuery methods in building UI projects.

jQuery fundamentals

  • Utility Functions
  • The document ready handler
  • Making DOM elements in jQuery
  • Extending jQuery

Selecting the elements upon which to act

  • Selecting the elements for manipulation
  • Controlling the Context in jQuery
  • Using Basic CSS Selectors
  • Selecting by Filters
  • Generating new HTML in jQuery
  • Managing the wrapped element set
  • Determining the size of a wrapped set
  • Obtaining elements from a wrapped set in jQuery
  • Getting wrapped sets using relationships

Bringing pages to life with jQuery

  • Working with element properties & attributes
  • Manipulating element properties in jQuery
  • Setting attributes values
  • Removing attributes in jQuery
  • Changing Element styling
  • Adding & removing class names
  • Setting Element content in jQuery
  • Replacing HTML or text content
  • Moving & copying elements
  • Cloning elements in jQuery
  • Replacing elements
  • Dealing with Form Values in jQuery

Events are where it happens in jQuery

  • Understanding the browser event models
  • The jQuery event model in jQuery
  • Putting events & more to work

Energizing pages with animations & effects

  • Showing & hiding elements
  • Animating the display state of elements in jQuery
  • Creating custom animations
  • Animations & Queuing in jQuery

Beyond the DOM with jQuery utility functions

  • Using the jQuery flags
  • Manipulating JavaScript objects & collections
  • Miscellaneous utility functions in jQuery

Expand your reach by extending jQuery

  • The jQuery plug-in authoring guidelines in jQuery
  • Writing custom utility functions in jQuery
  • Adding new wrapper methods in jQuery 

Talk to the server with Ajax


Module II – jQuery UI 

In this module, students will go through all the features of the jQuery UI library, and how to use them to build highly interactive web applications. They will also learn how to add interactivity and animations to a website. They will have complete knowledge on how to create and configure instances of jQuery UI interaction, and also improve expertise in imple-menting jQuery UI interface components like Date pickers and Accordi-ons.

Introducing jQuery UI: themes & effects

  • Configuring and downloading the UI Library
  • jQuery themes & styling
  • jQuery UI Effects
  • Advanced positioning

jQuery UI mouse interactions: Follow that mouse

  • Dragging things around
  • Sorting stuff
  • Making things Selectable

jQuery UI widgets: Beyond HTML controls

  • Buttons & button sets
  • Sliders
  • Date pickers
  • Tabs 

jQuery Exercises, Tests, and Projects

  • Form Validation in jQuery
  • Navigation Development in jQuery
  • jQuery Games
  • AJAX based Applications in jQuery
  • Slideshows in jQuery
  • jQuery Image Galleries
  • jQuery Fancy Pop-up Windows
  • Custom Plug-ins in jQuery
  • Custom Components in jQuery
  • Tests and Projects

Career Options :-

  • jQuery Programmer
  • UI Developer
  • DHTML Expert
  • Ajax Expert etc.