Nowadays, it becomes a problem for individuals and organizations to keep all their vital information, programs, and system up and running on in-house computer servers. It is difficult for them to manage their information. Therefore it would increase the demand of cloud computing in IT sector.

What is cloud computing?
Cloud computing is a term that is highly demanding in IT sector. It is a path breaking technology that makes it possible to store large amount of data at one place, i.e , the clouds, sans the risk of losing the same. It operates on similar principle as web based clients allowing users to access all features and files of system without having to keep the bulk of that system on their own computers.
It is one of the important tools in the information technology sector as it helps business in formulating strategies and also makes the lives of people simple and easier. In fact, many people use variety of cloud computing services such as Gmail, Google drive, instagram, Facebook etc.

Advantages to develop career in cloud computing
Being an important technology in vogue, cloud computing is gaining lots of attention from businesses and bring number of job opportunities in IT sector. It became one of the important fields for students to develop their career in information technology sector. Some of its benefits are

Help to learn new skills
While working in cloud computing technology, a student came in contact with various new technologies or skills. This will help them to translate well in other IT jobs and keep them update with latest technology.

Open various job opportunities
Cloud computing is constantly generating various job opportunities for students. It is a perfect option for students to develop their career in IT sector. It helps students to become 
Project manager
Cloud software engineer
Cloud product manager
Cloud consultant
Cloud system engineer
Cloud business analyst
Cloud developer

Presently everything is depend upon technology and cloud computing is one of them. It help people to store their data or information securely. But before becoming a cloud computing expert, it would be important to get right training and certification.
There are various IT institute in India that help people to become cloud computing expert. DIIT Educom is one of them. Along with cloud computing, it offer various IT courses for students such as 
Angular JS
Big Data hadoop

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